Educational Counselling

MBA /MS Counselling to study Abroad:

Studying MBA/ MS abroad equips individuals with an array of skills ranging from cross-cultural communication to having knowledge of operations, management and global regulations. Students also get to interact with people from different backgrounds whilst broadening their knowledge in the core field.

Gaining an international MBA degree allows you to work in Fortune 500 organisations. Some MBA/MS courses provide you with the luxury to not just be versed in operations and business development but also switch from operations to consulting during the study period. These MBA/ MS courses ensure graduates have an expansive overview and the requisite training to excel in their careers.

MBBS Counselling to Study Abroad & India:

We provide personalized advice to students, and parents about educational options, such as choosing the right school, college, or MCI-recognized universities based on their interests, goals, and academic background. With us, you will get the right path to your dreams. Among the list of multiple options, we help you to choose the perfect one for yourself matching your preferences and meeting your parameters such as budget, aptitude, ability, Indian hostel food, field of interest, etc.

Application Process & Documents Preparation

The best outcomes are of top priority at DR Edu and hence every applicant is vetted and examined carefully in order to guarantee that no mistakes are made. We pay particular attention to your application, stressing the parts that are important if you are to apply it correctly and without error. The applications are corrected with regard to both small and severe faults and students receive feedback. We ensure that all papers necessary are fully compiled, confirmed, and so on. Documents must be carefully sealed and handled. In order to guarantee that students are adequately informed and updated with their application process, our counselors are continually in contact with the students. The process of application is done by us with utmost care and perfection. We undergo every instructions and guidelines provided by the Colleges universities carefully. We take special care in filling the application details and initials in order to avoid mistakes. All you need to do is to provide all the relevant details in the correct data and information.

The admission of students to the institution is assisted by our advisors on crucial parts of the application including essences, the Statement of Objective, grammar, tone, content structure, letters of recommendation, and efforts.

Student Visa Service

DR EDU Services is one of the leading overseas education consultants that offer free visa assistance to all students who are looking for one. We have trained counsellors with years of experience assisting students with free visa services.

Our free visa consultation has helped several students achieve their dream of studying abroad. We boast of a pretty high student visa success rate. From arranging all the necessary documents to staying updated with visa processing, our free visa help has proved useful for several students. Our dedicated team keeps themselves updated with Immigration and High Commission Offices to provide adapted information. If you are looking for individualised, free visa application assistance, you can contact DR Edu Services.

How Do I Apply for A Student Visa?

There are several involved in applying for a student visa. They can change slightly depending on the country you are applying to, but most of these requirements remain the same in almost all cases. On a general level, you will be required to submit proof of the following.

Enrolment in a recognised university in the country.

Your ability to cover the expenses of your studies, airfare, and tuition fees.

Passport-size photographs and a valid passport that has a validity of at least six months beyond your period of stay in the country.

Proof of English proficiency, health check ups and a police report.

Scholarship Guidance

If you're an Indian student who dreams to study in Abroad, this blog is your gateway to unlocking a wealth of information about scholarships and financial aid. We understand that pursuing higher education abroad can be financially challenging, but fear not – we've got you covered! Studying Abroad is a dream shared by many, and it's within your reach too, thanks to the numerous scholarships and fellowships available.

There are ways to make your education abroad affordable. You will find several scholarships for Indian students.

Studying Abroad can be a life-changing experience, and with the right scholarship, you can make it a reality. From top universities and colleges to NGOs and government bodies, there are various institutions offering financial assistance to meritorious international students like you, there's something out there to suit your needs and course requirements.

These scholarships are meant to reduce the burden for aspiring students, so that you may focus on the greatest achievements without worrying about money.

Support for numerous fields of study and institutions is offered in some manner.

We will help you identify and apply for bursaries conveniently.

You might save your course costs in thousands of dollars.

Pre-Departure Guidance

At Study Advisers, we understand that the study abroad experience does not end with admission acceptance. That’s why we offer pre-departure guidance services to help our students prepare for their journey and adjust to their new environment. We are Offering information and resources to help students prepare for their journey, including advice on accommodation, travel arrangements, and cultural adjustment. Our team of experts provides personalized advice on practical matters, such as obtaining visas, booking travel arrangements, and arranging housing facilities.

Post – Departure Guidance

We are Providing guidance on finding suitable housing options, such as dormitories, host families, shared apartments, or private rentals which help our students navigate their new environment and settle in comfortably. Our team of experts provides personalized assistance in areas such as orientation to campus, banking, and communication tools, and local transportation systems.

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